KYP Holiday Calendar 2024 for SDCs

The Kushal Yuva Program (KYP) Holiday Calendar is an important resource for participants and stakeholders involved in the program. The holiday calendar serves as a guide, providing information about the holidays and breaks throughout the program's duration.

Participants can access the KYP Holiday Calendar through the program's official website or Directly Check below list. It is recommended to bookmark the calendar or download it for easy reference throughout the program.

Holiday Calendar for SDCs

By utilizing the KYP Holiday Calendar, participants can effectively manage their time, stay organized, and make the most of their skill development journey within the Kushal Yuva Program.

KYP (Kushal Yuva Program) Holiday List 2024 Calendar

Day Date Holiday
Thursday 26-Jan Republic Day
Thursday 26-Jan Sarasvati Puja (Basant Pancahmi)
Saturday 18-Feb Mahashivratri
Thursday 09-03-2023 Holi
Wednesday 08-Mar Shab-e-Barat
Wednesday 22-Mar Bihar Diwas
Thursday 30-Mar Ramnawami
Friday 14-Apr Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
Saturday 22-Apr Idul Fitr *
Monday 01-May May Day
Thursday 29-Jun Idul Juha *
Saturday 29-Jul Moharam
Tuesday 15-Aug Independence Day
Wednesday 06-Sep Janmashtami
Wednesday 06-Sep Chehallum
Thursday 28-Sep Hazrat Muhammad Sabah ka Janamdin
Monday 02-Oct Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti/Saptami
Saturday 21-Oct Mahaashtami
Monday 23-Oct Mahanavmi
Tuesday 24-Oct Dussehra
Sunday 12-Nov Deewali
Wednesday 15-Nov Chitragupta Puja/Bhayiduj
Sunday 19-Nov Chhat Puja
Monday 20-Nov Chhat Puja
Monday 25-Dec Christmas Day

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