Jharkhand EMRS School List 2024 PDF Download Free

The EMRS has released the list of all EMRS School in Jharkhand. The EMRS (Eklavya Model Residential School) program in Jharkhand is aimed at providing quality education to tribal students, promoting their overall development and empowerment. 

The program establishes residential schools known as EMRS schools, where students from tribal communities receive holistic education. You can check the complete EMRS School List in Jharkhand below in table.

EMRS School List in Jharkhand

EMRS School List in Jharkhand 2024 PDF

The EMRS School List in Jharkhand includes the names and locations of all the EMRS schools in the state. These schools are specifically designed to cater to the educational needs of tribal students and offer a nurturing environment for their growth.

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Jharkhand  EMRS Charu  Chatra  Kanhachatti  Charu  2014-15
 Jharkhand  EMRS Nawatand  Dhanbad  Tundi  Nawatand  2018-19 (Old)
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kathijoria  Dumka  Dumka  Kathijoria  1997-98
 Jharkhand  EMRS Gopikandar  Dumka  Gopikandar  Kalyanpur  2022-23
 Jharkhand  EMRS Phitkoria  Dumka  Kathikund  Phitkoria  2014-15
 Jharkhand  EMRS Masalia  Dumka  Masalia  Daldali  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Shikaripara  Dumka  Shikaripara  Shikaripara  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Purna Pani  East Singhbhum  Baharagora  Purna Pani  2013-14
 Jharkhand  EMRS Ghoradhua  East Singhbhum  Dhalbhumgarh  Ghoradhua  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Katashol  East Singhbhum  Dumaria  Katashol  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Gurbandha  East Singhbhum  Gurbandha  Gurbandha  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Manglasai Potka  East Singhbhum  Potka  Manglasai  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bhandaria  Garhwa  Bhandaria  Bhandaria  2018-19 (Old)
 Jharkhand  EMRS Palganj  Giridih  Pirtand  Palganj  2014-15
 Jharkhand  EMRS Tasria  Godda  Sundarpahari  Tasria  2011-12
 Jharkhand  EMRS Albert Ekka Jari  Gumla  Albert Ekka (Jari)  Sisi Karamtoli  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Basia  Gumla  Basia  Solangbira  2010-11
 Jharkhand  EMRS Verno  Gumla  Bharno  Sukurhutu  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Chainpur  Gumla  Chainpur  Bendora  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Dumri  Gumla  Dumri  Tati (Dumri)  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Ghaghra  Gumla  Ghaghra  Badri  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Gumla  Gumla  Gumla  Silafari  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kamdara  Gumla  Kamdara  Arhara  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Plakot  Gumla  Palkot  Malai  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Raidih  Gumla  Raidih  Keradih  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Sisai  Gumla  Sisai  Kulhupi  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Choukunda  Jamtara  Fatehpur  Choukunda  2016-17
 Jharkhand  EMRS Arki  Khunti  Arki (Tamar II)  Birbanki  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Siankel  Khunti  Karra  Siankel  2016-17
 Jharkhand  EMRS Khunti  Khunti  Khunti  Rewa  2018-19
 Jharkhand  EMRS Murhu  Khunti  Murhu  Gamharia  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Tangrkela  Khunti  Rania  Tangarkela  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Torpa  Khunti  Torpa  Sridkel  2018-19
 Jharkhand  EMRS Mangra  Latehar  Barwadih  Mangra  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Hethatoli, Garu  Latehar  Garu  Hethatoli  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Negain  Latehar  Latehar  Negain  2016-17
 Jharkhand  EMRS Mahuadanr  Latehar  Mahuadanr  Mahuadanr  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Soranda  Lohardaga  Bhandra  Bhandra  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Tati  Lohardaga  Kairo  Tati (Kairo)  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kharki  Lohardaga  Kisko  Kharki  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kujra  Lohardaga  Lohardaga  Kujra  2011-12
 Jharkhand  EMRS Onegara  Lohardaga  Peshrar  Onegara  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Korambe  Lohardaga  Senha  Senha  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Amrapara  Pakur  Amrapara  Mandro Santhali  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kumarbhaja  Pakur  Littipara  Kumarbhaja  2014-15
 Jharkhand  EMRS Pakuria  Pakur  Pakuria  Rajbari  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bansikhurd  Palamu  Manatu  Bansikhurd  2014-15
 Jharkhand  EMRS Angara  Ranchi  Angara  Angara  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bero  Ranchi  Bero  Hathu Lamkana  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Salagadih  Ranchi  Bundu  Salagadih  1997-98
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kander  Ranchi  Burmu  Kander  2017-18
 Jharkhand  EMRS Chanho  Ranchi  Chanho  Chanho  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Lete  Ranchi  Lapung  Lete  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Tigoi Ambatoli  Ranchi  Mandar  Tigoi Ambatoli  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Nagri  Ranchi  Nagri  Nagri  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Sarwal  Ranchi  Namkum  Sarwal  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bhognadih  Sahibganj  Barhait  Bhognadih  1997-98
 Jharkhand  EMRS Borio  Sahibganj  Borio  Pathra  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Mandro  Sahibganj  Mandro  Mandera  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Pathna  Sahibganj  Pathna  Simaldhab  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Talijhari  Sahibganj  Taljhari  Sawlapur  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Galudih  Saraikela Kharsawan  Kuchai  Galudih  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Jhimiri  Saraikela Kharsawan  Nimdih  Jhimiri  2016-17
 Jharkhand  EMRS Khairbani  Saraikela Kharsawan  Rajnagar (Gobindpur)  Khairbani  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bano  Simdega  Bano  Sora  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bansjor  Simdega  Bansjore  Bansjor  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bolba  Simdega  Bolba  Letabara  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Jaldega  Simdega  Jaldega  Dhengurpani  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kolebira  Simdega  Kolebira  Nawatoli  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Pakartanr  Simdega  Pakar Tanr  Sogra  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Garja  Simdega  Simdega  Garja  2013-14
 Jharkhand  EMRS Thethaitangar  Simdega  Thethaitangar  Karramunda  2021-22
 Jharkhand  EMRS Anandpur  West Singhbhum  Anandpur  Mathurapos  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Bandgaon  West Singhbhum  Chakradharpur  #N/A  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Chaibasa  West Singhbhum  Chaibasa  Chaibasa  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Dumariya  West Singhbhum  Goilkera  Dumariya  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Kanskel  West Singhbhum  Gudri  Kanskel  2014-15
 Jharkhand  EMRS Hat Gamharia  West Singhbhum  Hatgamharia  Siyaljor  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Jhinkpani  West Singhbhum  Jhinkpani  Bistumpur  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Torsinduri  West Singhbhum  Khuntpani  Torsinduri  1997-98
 Jharkhand  EMRS Gandkida  West Singhbhum  Kumardungi  Gandkida  2017-18
 Jharkhand  EMRS Majhgaon  West Singhbhum  Majhgaon  Haladiya  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Manjhari  West Singhbhum  Manjhari  Roladih  2020-21
 Jharkhand  EMRS Rongo  West Singhbhum  Manoharpur  Rongo  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Mahudi  West Singhbhum  Noamundi  Mahudi  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Lota  West Singhbhum  Sonua  Lota  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Silpunji  West Singhbhum  Tantnagar  Silpunji  2019-20
 Jharkhand  EMRS Tonto  West Singhbhum  Tonto  Hessasurniya  2020-21

The EMRS schools provide quality infrastructure, modern amenities, and a conducive learning environment. They offer best curriculum, including academic subjects, co-curricular activities, and vocational training, with a focus on preserving tribal culture and values.

List of EMRS School in Jharkhand

The EMRS School List serves as a valuable resource for tribal students and their families, enabling them to identify the nearest EMRS school and explore educational opportunities. It helps in ensuring equitable access to quality education for tribal communities in Jharkhand.

To access the EMRS School List in Jharkhand, you can visit the official website of the Jharkhand Tribal Development Department or the designated education department website. The list provides important information such as the names of schools, their locations, contact details, and other relevant information.

If you belong to a tribal community in Jharkhand or are interested in tribal education, the EMRS School List is a crucial reference. It opens doors to quality education, empowering tribal students to achieve their full potential and contribute to the nation's progress.

You can download the EMRS School List in Jharkhand pdf below.

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