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Nilavanti Granth PDF English: The Nilavanti Granth is a mysterious book that was believed to grant knowledge of the future to those who read it. It is an unsolved enigma that has yet to be deciphered by anyone. It is said that reading the Nilavanti Granth grants the ability to understand the language of animals. If one masters the mantras given in the Nilavanti Granth, nothing is considered impossible for them. However, obtaining and comprehending this knowledge is a challenging task. In this post, you can easily download the Nilavanti Granth PDF in Hindi. It is said to be the only book in the world that, by mastering the provided mantras, allows one to have dominion over the world. But some people believe that if you are not successful in doing so, you may lose your sanity, endanger your life, or become entangled in black magic.

Nilavanti Granth English

Download Nilavanti Granth in English - Full Story of Nilavanti a Cursed Book

It was such a book, by reading which man became the knower of time. Don't know how many people started the death cult while searching for him. Those who became the grass of time, they all had one commonality that they only knew the purpose or use of that book. Actually no one knew the whereabouts of that book. Everyone had spent their life in their own way to find him but not a single one was successful. 

The desire to control time is as old as man's understanding of time. Ever since man has known the mystery of Time, he has been aspiring to control it and to travel back and forth with it. In fact, Kaal, which is called time, is a very complicated thing. A little tinkering with him changes history. But it is true that if you can do that then you will not be able to do that because if you go back in time and you change some events then the whole future history will change and you will also change with history., Means you went to change the history, this situation will not arise, it simply means that you have not changed the time, that means the history is the same. 

At this place the work of that book begins, people themselves think of changing the time, but this book gives the reader the power to do whatever he wants, through which he can change the time. He gets the power by which he can change the history of others. But all these things are hearsay, till date no one has seen that book with their own eyes, only heard its name and its exploits. The name of that book is "Neelawanti". If you go to any village in Maharashtra and ask an old man, he will definitely tell you about Neelawanti and along with this a warning that the progeny of the person who reads it will be destroyed. The most important thing is that by reading this book, the reader starts understanding the language of birds and animals. 

It has always been believed in tantriks that the time of animal-sides runs differently from the time of humans. The period which is of one day for humans can be of many years for ants. And the second belief is that time can be changed by being as subtle as time itself. All this is a matter of when that book is found and the art of reading it is known, because even if that book is found, it is not in any human script, it is written in Paishach script. There is no human being in this world who knows Paishach script. It has also been said that many of the hermits and sages sitting in the Himalayan cave - Kandhara know that mysterious script, but no one knows where it is, so the whole thing is that how is that bookNo one even knows where it is, nor how to read it, but just knowing what can be done from that book leads one to seek it, by whatever means one has to do with the supernatural. Have a lot of interest in the work. 

The first step in finding the book was that from where to start the search for the book, those who have heard about that book, they have also heard from those who have only heard about that book, have not seen it and do not know where this series is can go up to.

One more thing was famous about "Neelawanti" that a man who knew him is alive even today, people call him Bajind and he lives in the forests of Mahabaleshwar, it is said that his age is more than 1000 years. Now the easiest way is to first, searched go Who Him Known Is And His Near From Who Information meet His Base But Nilavanti Did Search Do. And One Talk You To tell give Who People,Nilavanti,Of PThere were six, no matter in which period they happened or from any place, they had one more similarity, they were all seen going to the forests of Mahabaleshwar. Out of them, only two people were seen again after leaving, that too in a dead state, the rest whose number can be in hundreds, no one knows what happened because neither their bodies nor any remains were found. 

Now after getting so much information, do you still want to go in search of that book, then let me tell you about the last person who went in search of Nilawanti. Perhaps you will find something useful that will help you in finding Nilavanti. 

His name was Raosaheb. He was a landlord of a village near Ratnagiri, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, there was no shortage. Malla was therefore there was strength. With both money and power, he liked to make everyone bow before him. Despite being very rich, he always missed one thing. Such a thing that even after having all the happiness, many of his children were forced to live with regret. As soon as they came to know about this, they started thinking only one thing that maybe it can be changed in some way. The thing was that long ago someone in his family had drowned so much gold and diamonds in the sea just because of misunderstanding that seven wells would have been filled. He used to regret that if that thing could have been changed, today he would have been counted among the richest people in the world, but this could have happened only if that misunderstanding could be removed by going back in time. 

Earlier, Raosaheb did not know that one could go back in time. because intelligentMan cannot even think of such a thing which is impossible but as many generations before him had done only he wanted to find that wealth. For that he had also adopted the same methods which his ancestors had adopted. Like finding money through astrologers, tantriks, mantriks, but nothing could be achieved even after doing many things. Both time and money were being wasted. But there could be no value of this money in front of that limitless money and just like that one day a wonderful sorcerer came to Ratnagiri. People used to say that he had possessed a demon who obeyed his every command. 

How could it be that Raosaheb was not interested in him. Raosaheb also went to Ratnagiri and met that sorcerer. In the very first meeting, Mantrik left such an impression on Raosaheb that he invited Mantrik to his mansion. The sorcerer agreed to come. Two days later the mantrik was at Raosaheb's mansion. He was given good hospitality. Trying to impress her in every way. That's because Raosaheb had also heard that the sorcerer has a recipe for making anjan. Since ancient times, it is popular among the people that by applying some kind of chemical kajal called Anjan on the eyes, the treasure buried under the ground can be seen. Raosaheb was trying so hard to get the same. 

A week passed but the magician did not say anything, he was enjoying good food and soft mattress. The dam of Raosaheb's patience was about to break, but even if the sorcerer felt bad, he should not curse me, so he thought it right to sit quietly. This patience of Raosaheb did not go in vain. The second day Mantrik and Raosaheb were sitting alone in a room, then Mantrik asked Raosaheb what he wanted from him. Then Raosaheb told the magician about his wish and that family treasure. 

magician's eyes lit up, He had never heard of so many treasures in his life. But he kept his face impassive and did not let it be known that he too had a longing for the treasure. He started telling his history to Raosaheb that how he became a Mantrik. What he told was this, it seemed like a lot, and there was a cremation ground on the way to my home. I used to go home early so as not to have to pass near the crematorium at night, but that day I was very late. 

I somehow prepared my mind because the cremation ground i.e. the area of ​​ghosts was about to start. This was very serious for a timid person like me. I started increasing my steps quickly. I just wanted to reach home. Now the cremation ground had started. I started chanting the name of Ram in my mind. Suddenly it became very dark. My fear has now reached its peak. I was feeling so much scared that now I was worried that I might not die because of this fear. 

The sound of owls breaks the silence of the crematoriumWas getting it done. Due to which the atmosphere became more scary. Then suddenly there was a sound of someone screaming. A strong wave of fear ran through my chest. I stood at the same place, somewhere in the distance something was shining. It seemed that someone's funeral pyre was burning. Now my condition has become so serious that I started having severe pain in my chest. My breathing quickened and my heart rate doubled from normal. I heard the same scream again, at least I thought so, but it was not a scream, the tantrik was calling him. I got thinking that what should I do, should I go to a tantrik or run away after saving my life. I decided that he would save his life. I started running, I had to go quickly to my home where I considered myself safe. I had gone a little far that the Tantrik appeared in front of me. Now I thought that I would die for sure. But the tantric pacified him by putting his thumb on my forehead.

That tantrik took my hand and took me to the burning pyre. I saw that it looked less like a funeral pyre and more like a fire pit. There were many strange things kept around it. Some of them were even as terrible as the skull of a man.Blood-filled cups, various animal parts were kept in different earthen pots. I could not understand what is going on. I thought of asking the Tantrik, but the Tantrik sensed my wish. Keeping a finger on his mouth, he gestured to keep quiet. I sat for a long time till that tantrik completed all the rituals. Now it was midnight, it must have been a new moon night. The tantrik got up from there as soon as his rituals were over and he told me that he would have to sacrifice a woman who has not yet given birth to perform further rituals. My heart trembled as he felt what trouble he was in. 

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