Kerala State Ministers Car Numbers List 2024 PDF

The General Administration Department has assigned car numbers to the official vehicles of ministers in the state of Kerala. The political department of General Administration has also issued residence orders for the Chief Minister and other members of the Council of Ministers. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, has been allocated Cliff House in Nanthancode as his residence, with the car number plate Kerala State 1. 

The official vehicles of the Chief Minister and other members of the Council of Ministers in Kerala will be assigned numbers in the KL-99 A series. Additionally, there is a proposal for different series allocations for various entities: KL-99B for central government vehicles, KL-99 C for self-government bodies' vehicles, KL-99C for public sector undertakings, and KL-99 E for government university vehicles.

Kerala State Ministers Car Numbers List

Kerala State Ministers Car Numbers List Download

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has been assigned the state car number Kerala State 1. Minister P Prasad was initially allotted car number Kerala State 14, but due to reluctance from the person assigned number 13 (considered an unlucky number), P Prasad took the number 13 instead. Below is the list of car numbers and residences issued to the Council of Ministers in Kerala: 

Minister NameResidenceCar Number
Pinarayi VijayanCliff House, NanthancodeKerala State 1
K RajanGrace, Near Cantonment House, PalayamKerala State 2
Roshy AugustinePrasanth, Cliff House CompoundKerala State 3
K KrishnankuttyPeriyar, Cliff House CompoundKerala State 4
A K SaseendranKavery, Near Cantonment HouseKerala State 5
Ahamed DevarkovilThycaud House, VazhuthacaudKerala State 6
Antony RajuManmohan Bungalow, VellayambalamKerala State 7
Saji CheriyanKowdiar House, VellayambalamKerala State 8
MB RajeshPalakkad, KeralaKerala State 9
K N BalagopalPournami, Cliff House CompoundKerala State 10
P RajeeveUshus, NanthancodeKerala State 11
V N VasavanGanga, Cantonment House CompoundKerala State 12
P PrasadLyndhurst, Devaswom Board JunctionKerala State 13
J ChinchuraniAshoka, Cliff House CompoundKerala State 14
K RadhakrishnanEssendene, Cliff House CompoundKerala State 15
V SivankuttyRose House, VazhuthacaudKerala State 16
Adv. P A Mohamed RiyasPampa, Cliff House CompoundKerala State 17
Prof. R BinduXanadu, VazhuthacaudKerala State 18
Adv. G R AnilAjantha, Opposite Raj Bhavan, VellayambalamKerala State 19
Veena GeorgeNila, near Cantonment HouseKerala State 20
V Abdurahimannot allotted Kerala State 21

Kerala State Ministers Car Numbers List PDF 

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