Tata Tigor Brochure 2024 PDF with Price, Features, Images and Colors

The Tata Tigor is a stylish and practical compact sedan manufactured by Tata Motors, one of India's leading automotive companies. With its attractive design, spacious interiors, and a host of features, the Tigor has made a mark in the competitive compact sedan segment. In this article, we'll delve into the key features, specifications, and what sets the Tata Tigor apart from the crowd.

Tata Tigor Brochure

Tata Tigor Car Price List 2024 Brochure

Here is the complete price list for Tata Tigor cars below or you can visit the link.

Tata Tigor Price
Tigor XE ₹ 6,29,900
Tigor XM ₹ 6,84,900
Tigor XZ ₹ 7,24,900
Tigor XZ CNG ₹ 8,14,900
Tigor XZ Plus ₹ 7,89,900
Tigor XZ Plus CNG ₹ 8,79,900
Tigor XZ Plus CNG LP ₹ 8,89,900
Tigor XZ Plus Dual Tone Discontinued ₹ 7,68,900
Tigor XZ Plus Dual Tone CNG Discontinued ₹ 8,58,900
Tigor XZ Plus LP ₹ 7,99,900
Tigor XZA Plus AMT ₹ 8,49,900
Tigor XZA Plus Dual Tone Discontinued ₹ 8,28,900
Tigor XZA Plus LP ₹ 8,59,900
Tata Tigor (2019) …………….
Tigor Buzz Discontinued ₹ 5,64,494
Tigor Buzz Diesel Discontinued ₹ 6,53,124
Tigor Diesel XE Discontinued ₹ 6,39,990
Tigor Diesel XM Discontinued ₹ 7,04,994
Tigor Diesel XT Discontinued ₹ 6,44,904
Tigor Diesel XZ Discontinued ₹ 7,34,994
Tigor Diesel XZ Plus Discontinued ₹ 7,89,994
Tigor XT Discontinued ₹ 5,56,274
Tigor XTA Automatic Discontinued ₹ 5,98,835
Tigor XZA Automatic Discontinued ₹ 7,10,809
Tata Tigor EV …………….
Tigor EV XE ₹ 12,49,000
Tigor EV XM Discontinued ₹ 12,49,000
Tigor EV XT ₹ 12,99,000
Tigor EV XZ Plus ₹ 13,49,000
Tigor EV XZ Plus Dual Tone Discontinued ₹ 13,14,000
Tigor EV XZ Plus Lux ₹ 13,75,000

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Tata Tigor Brochure PDF 2024 Download

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