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A Little Life pdf: The book is written by Hanya Yanagihara an American writer who lives in New York City. The book was written in 2015. After a long difficult subject matter, the book became a critically acclaimed bestseller. The book got divided into seven parts as followed: Lispenard Street, The Postman, Vanities, The Axiom of Equality, The Happy Years, Dear Comrade and Lispenard Street. 

A Little Life novel is focused on the four friend’s lives. Main focus on the book is Jude who is the enigmatic lawyer and suffers from debilitating mental trauma from his childhood. 

A Little Life pdf

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara 

A Little Life is a novel by American author Hanya Yanagihara, first published in 2015. It is a coming-of-age story that follows the lives of four close friends in New York City over several decades. The novel is known for its emotionally intense and often disturbing portrayal of trauma, abuse, and mental illness.

The central character of the novel is Jude St. Francis, a successful lawyer with a mysterious and troubled past. Through flashbacks and other narrative devices, the novel slowly reveals the details of Jude's childhood, including a series of traumatic experiences that have left him with both physical and emotional scars. As Jude navigates the ups and downs of adulthood, he must also come to terms with his past and the demons that haunt him.

A Little Life was widely acclaimed upon its release and has been praised for its powerful and moving portrayal of friendship, love, and the human experience. The novel has been compared to the works of other contemporary authors such as Jonathan Franzen, David Foster Wallace, and Jeffrey Eugenides.

Despite its heavy themes, A Little Life has been described as a masterful and deeply moving novel that explores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

The pdf A Little Life contains a total of 7 chapters in 626 pages and the pdf size is only 2.77 MB. This book is available here in the English language.

The life of Jude is covered by the men who love and care about him, also the men who exploit and abuse him. We can see this period form when his Brother Luke follows him into the greenhouse and he knows that he is doing something wrong in this room. But still he felt dedication and love for Luke until last moments of his life.

PDF NameA Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
Pdf size2.77 MB
No. of chapters7
No.of pages626

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