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The Lady, or The Tiger PDF: Book is written by the author Frank R. Stockton. It is a short story book of 6 pages only. It was first published in 1882. The story is a shorthand signifier, for a problem that is unsolvable. 

In the story of the Lady or The Tiger is an internal conflict within the princess at the time she struggles between watching her lover get devoured by a tiger. In the ancient times, a king uses poetic justice to decide if a person on trial is innocent or guilty. Download PDF in high quality and printable format with the link given below.

The Lady or The Tiger PDf

The Lady or The Tiger 

The Lady or the Tiger is a short story written by Frank R. Stockton in 1882. It is a fable that takes place in a kingdom with an unusual form of justice.

In this kingdom, a person accused of a crime is put in an arena with two doors. Behind one door is a beautiful woman, and behind the other is a tiger. The accused person must choose one of the doors, and the door they choose determines their fate. If they choose the door with the lady, they are set free, but if they choose the door with the tiger, they are devoured.

The story follows a prince who is accused of a crime and must face this form of justice. The prince is in love with a beautiful princess, and she is the one who must determine which door the prince will choose. The twist in the story is that the princess knows which door has the tiger and which door has the lady, but the prince does not.

The story ends with the prince making his choice, but the reader is not told which door he chose, leaving the fate of the prince to the reader's imagination. This ambiguity has made "The Lady or the Tiger" a popular subject for discussion and interpretation, with some readers seeing it as a commentary on the justice system, love, and human nature.

The pdf The Lady or The Tiger contains a total of 1 chapters in 7 pages and the pdf size is only 25.7 KB. This book is available here in the English language.

Also the story The Lady or The Tiger PDF is centers on the king’s rule and his idea for justice. If someone subject who have committed a crime of sufficient interest is summoned to the royal arena where they choose their luck by picking a single door between two doors. Behind one door there is a lady whom the king has chosen an appropriate match for the accused and behind the other door there is a fierce, hungry tiger. 

The king's rules are progressive, but cause many other people to suffer. Every doors are heavily soundproofed that the accused can’t hear what is behind each door. At the end if accused person chooses the door with the lady behind it, so he will announced innocent and must have marry her, but if the condition got wrong and he chooses the door with the tiger behind it, so he will announced guilty and immediately send to the front of hungry animal.

PDF NameThe Lady or The Tiger
No. of Pages7
PDF Size25.7 KB

The Lady or The Tiger PDF

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