Tough Guy by Rachel Reid PDF

Tough Guy by Rachel Reid PDF: This is a sweet Contemporary satisfying romance novel with Historical and Sports Fiction. The book was first published on 13 January, 2020 from the Game Changers series. Tough Guy is a USA bestselling by Rachel Reid. 

You will defiantly read this if you love hockey romance, or looking for a good and solid book to read. The author crafted a good story of true heart with nice beauty, heat and glorious! You will love both heroes and their journey to love after reading the Tough Guy book PDF.

Tough Guy by Rachel Reid PDF

Tough Guy Book Download Free

The pdf Tough Guy by Rachel Reid contains a total of 27 chapters in 213 pages and the pdf size is only 1.52 MB. This book is available here in the English language.

In this novel the boy hasn't forgotten the kiss he almost shared back in his high school and the chemistry between the boys he has intensified. Now the boy Ryan want to feel something that he hasn't experienced in a long time and it is joy. Now the boy Fabian is very happy to be Ryan’s guide to the gay scene in city Toronto. This is the story of Ryan who is the hockey enforcer and Fabian who is the aspiring Indie Musician. It is some sort of second chance that got away thingy. 

Tough Guy by Rachel Reid is a gay romance novel that follows the story of hockey player Ryan Price and barista Sebastian Ramos. The two of them meet by chance at a coffee shop and are immediately drawn to each other, despite their very different backgrounds and personalities. 

Ryan is a tough and rugged hockey player who is used to getting what he wants. He is confident and self-assured, but he also has a sensitive side that he keeps hidden from the world. Sebastian, on the other hand, is a gentle and artistic soul who is passionate about coffee and loves to draw. He is more reserved than Ryan, but he is also warm and caring, with a heart of gold. 

As Ryan and Sebastian start to spend more time together, they begin to develop feelings for each other, but they are hesitant to act on them. Ryan is still coming to terms with his sexuality and is afraid of being judged by his teammates and fans, while Sebastian has been hurt in the past and is afraid of being vulnerable again. 

Tough Guy is a beautifully written novel that explores themes of love, acceptance, and self-discovery. Reid does an excellent job of portraying the challenges that gay men face in sports, as well as the struggle to reconcile one's personal and public identities. Ryan's journey of self-acceptance is particularly poignant, and his growth as a character is both moving and inspiring. 

One of the standout features of "Tough Guy" is the chemistry between Ryan and Sebastian. The two of them have a natural and effortless rapport that is both sweet and sexy, and their banter is one of the highlights of the book. Reid does an excellent job of building up the tension between them and creating a sense of anticipation that keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. 

Another strength of Tough Guy is its well-developed characters. Ryan and Sebastian are both complex and nuanced individuals with their own hopes, fears, and insecurities. They are not perfect, but they are lovable and relatable, and their flaws only make them more human. 

Tough Guy is a heartwarming and engaging gay romance novel that is sure to delight readers. With its well-crafted characters, compelling storyline, and steamy romance, it is a book that is hard to put down. Whether you are a fan of the romance genre or simply looking for a compelling and entertaining read, "Tough Guy" is a book that is definitely worth checking out. 

Tough Guy by Rachel Reid PDF Download

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