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Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs) having a great importance in understanding and preserving the rich cultural heritage of indigenous communities worldwide. These institutions serve as centers for best research, documentation, and development initiatives tailored to the unique needs of tribal populations. Here is a top list of prominent Tribal Research Institutes around the globe, each dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of tribal societies:



List of Tribal Research Institute 2024 PDF

  • National Institute of Tribal Affairs (NITA), India: Located in New Delhi, India, NITA focuses on policy formulation, research, and advocacy for tribal development. It collaborates with various government bodies to implement programs that address the socio-economic challenges faced by indigenous communities.
  • National Research Centre for Tribal Health (NRCTH), India: Based in Jabalpur, NRCTH conducts research on tribal health issues, aiming to improve healthcare delivery and address the unique health challenges faced by tribal populations in India.
  • Centre for Tribal Studies, University of Hyderabad, India: This center is dedicated to interdisciplinary research on tribal cultures, languages, and socio-economic conditions. It serves as a hub for scholars and researchers interested in the diverse tribal communities across India.
  • Centre for Tribal and Rural Development, Xavier Institute of Social Service, India: Located in Jharkhand, India, this center focuses on research and development initiatives for tribal and rural communities, aiming to enhance their socio-economic conditions through sustainable practices.
  • North-Eastern Hill University, Department of Tribal Studies, India: Based in Shillong, this department is committed to the study and preservation of the unique traditions, languages, and socio-economic aspects of the tribal communities in the northeastern region of India.
  • National Institute for Research in Tribal Health (NIRTH), India: NIRTH, situated in Jabalpur, conducts research on various health aspects affecting tribal populations, with a focus on infectious diseases, nutrition, and healthcare access.
  • Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS), USA: Located in Washington, CWIS is an international organization dedicated to research, education, and advocacy for the rights and well-being of indigenous peoples worldwide.
  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), Australia: AIATSIS is a premier research institute in Australia that focuses on the cultural preservation and advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These institutions exemplify the global commitment to understanding, respecting, and uplifting tribal communities through dedicated research and development initiatives. They play an importantl role in shaping policies and programs that address the unique challenges faced by indigenous populations around the world. 

S. No. State Name Name Year of Establishment
1. Andhra Pradesh Tribal Research Institute 2014
2. Assam Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes 1962
3. Andaman & Nicobar Tribal Research Institute 2014
4. Chhattisgarh Tribal Research & Training Institute 2004
5. Gujarat Tribal Research & Training Institute 1962
6.. Himachal Pradesh Institute of Tribals Studies 2008
7. Jharkhand Tribal research Institute 1953 (undivided Bihar)
8. Jammu & Kashmir Tribal Research Institute 2016
9. Kerala Kerala Institute for Research Training & Development studies 1971
10. Karnataka Tribal Research Institute 2005
11. Manipur Tribal Research Institute 1988
12. Madhya Pradesh Tribal Research & Development Institute 1954
13. Maharashtra Tribal Research & Training Institute 1962
14. Orissa SC/ST Research & Training Institute 1952
15. Rajasthan Tribal Research & Training Institute 1964
16. Tamil Nadu Tribal Research Center 1983
17. Tripura Tribal Research & Cultural Institute 1993
18. Uttar Pradesh SC/ST Research & Training Institute 1972
19. West Bengal Cultural Research Institute 1955
20. Sikkim Tribal research Institute 2016
21 Telangana Tribal Culture Research & Training Institute 1963
22. Uttarakhand Tribal Research Institute 2016
23. Nagaland Tribal Research Institute 2018
24. Mizoram Tribal Research Institute 2018
25. Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Research Institute 2018
26. Meghalaya Tribal Research Institute 2018
27. Goa Tribal Research Institute 2020

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