USA State Capitals List 2024 in Alphabetical Order

Get the online compilation of the 2024 USA State Capitals List, featuring the names of capital cities across the United States. This list encompasses locations that have functioned or currently serve as federal, state, insular area, territorial, colonial, and Native American capitals. Each state possesses a designated capital that serves as the administrative center of its government. Out of the thirteen original states and an additional 15 states, ten have undergone changes to their capital city, with the most recent being Oklahoma in 1910. 

Since 1800, Washington, D.C. has held the status of the federal capital of the United States. Alongside each U.S. state, many insular areas also maintain their own capital cities. While most states have maintained a consistent capital city since achieving statehood, the preceding colonies, territories, kingdoms, and republics often experienced multiple changes in their respective capital cities. The historical landscape also includes other entities within the current U.S. borders, such as the Republic of Texas, Native American nations, and other unrecognized governments, each having their own capitals. 

Peruse the list of United States state capital cities, with each city serving as the hub of government activities for its respective state. Notably, Montpelier, Vermont, holds the distinction of being the capital city with the smallest population, while Phoenix, Arizona, boasts the title of the capital city with the highest population.

USA State Capitals List

List of State Capitals of USA

Sr. No. State Name Capital Name
1 Alabama Montgomery
2 Alaska Juneau
3 Arizona Phoenix
4 Arkansas Little Rock
5 California Sacramento
6 Colorado Denver
7 Connecticut Hartford
8 Delaware Dover
9 Florida Tallahassee
10 Georgia Atlanta
11 Hawaii Honolulu
12 Idaho Boise
13 Illinois Springfield
14 Indiana Indianapolis
15 Iowa Des Moines
16 Kansas Topeka
17 Kentucky Frankfort
18 Louisiana Baton Rouge
19 Maine Augusta
20 Maryland Annapolis
21 Massachusetts Boston
22 Michigan Lansing
23 Minnesota Saint Paul
24 Mississippi Jackson
25 Missouri Jefferson City
26 Montana Helena
27 Nebraska Lincoln
28 Nevada Carson City
29 New Hampshire Concord
30 New Jersey Trenton
31 New Mexico Santa Fe
32 New York Albany
33 North Carolina Raleigh
34 North Dakota Bismarck
35 Ohio Columbus
36 Oklahoma Oklahoma City
37 Oregon Salem
38 Pennsylvania Harrisburg
39 Rhode Island Providence
40 South Carolina Columbia
41 South Dakota Pierre
42 Tennessee Nashville
43 Texas Austin
44 Utah Salt Lake City
45 Vermont Montpelier
46 Virginia Richmond
47 Washington Olympia
48 West Virginia Charleston
49 Wisconsin Madison
50 Wyoming Cheyenne


Key Points Regarding U.S. State Capitals

Here are some notable points regarding U.S. state capitals: 

  • Juneau holds the distinction of being the largest capital by municipal land area. 
  • Phoenix stands out as the largest capital by population. 
  • Dover takes the title of the longest-serving capital in terms of statehood. 
  • Atlanta claims the position of the largest capital by metropolitan area population. 
  • Annapolis is recognized as the smallest capital by land area. 
  • Boston holds the record for being the longest continuously serving capital. 
  • Santa Fe boasts the status of the longest-serving capital overall. 
  • Oklahoma City currently holds the record for the shortest-serving state capital. 
  • Austin is noteworthy as the largest capital by population that is not the most populated city in its state. 
  • Montpelier is identified as the smallest capital by population. 
  • Charleston is unique as the smallest capital by population that also happens to be the most populated city in its state.

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