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CGHS stands for Central Government Health Scheme. It is a top level health care scheme introduced by the Government of India for its employees and pensioners, as well as for Members of Parliament, and some other specific groups. 

The scheme provides medical care through a network of dispensaries, polyclinics, and hospitals operated directly by the central government or through arrangements with private medical practitioners and hospitals. Here you can download any types of CGHS application form for free to use for your purpose.

CGHS All Application Form PDF

CGHS Application Form PDF

Application for New Plastic Card – Download PDF 

Application for Renewal of Plastic Card (Pensioners) – Download PDF

Application for Renewal of Plastic Card (Serving Employees) – Download PDF

MRC Form for Pensioners – Download PDF

MRC Form for Serving Beneficiaries – Download PDF

Mandate Form for Individuals – Download PDF

Utilization Certificate – Download PDF

Certificate of Necessity for Oxygen Concentrator – Download PDF

Certificate of necessity for CPAP – Download PDF

Affidavit for Oxygen Concentrator – Download PDF

Certificate of necessity for BiPAP and Bilevel Ventilatory Support – Download PDF

Checklist for permission for BiPAP, CPAP, O2 Concentrator – Download PDF

Checklist for permission for Hearing Aid Device – Download PDF

Draft for MOA – Download PDF

Forms in Hindi – Download PDF

CGHS Benefits

Here are some key points about CGHS:

  • Coverage: CGHS covers a wide range of health care services including outpatient treatment, specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, and inpatient care. It also includes coverage for various medical procedures and surgeries. 
  • Empanelled Hospitals and Doctors: CGHS beneficiaries can avail treatment from a network of empanelled hospitals, clinics, and doctors. These empanelled facilities and practitioners are chosen based on certain criteria including the quality of care provided and the availability of necessary medical facilities. 
  • Medical Facilities: CGHS provides access to allopathic, homeopathic, and ayurvedic treatments. It aims to ensure that beneficiaries have access to quality medical care across different systems of medicine. 
  • Medicines: CGHS beneficiaries are entitled to receive prescribed medicines from CGHS dispensaries and empanelled private pharmacies. The cost of medicines is reimbursed to the beneficiaries as per the CGHS rules and regulations. 
  • Wellness Centers: CGHS operates wellness centers where beneficiaries can access preventive health care services such as health check-ups, immunizations, and health education programs. 
  • Online Services: CGHS has introduced various online services to facilitate easy access to health care for beneficiaries. These include online appointment booking, online submission of claims, and access to health-related information and resources. 
  • Health Card: CGHS beneficiaries are issued a health card which serves as an identification document and enables them to access medical services under the scheme. 
  • Subsidized Rates: CGHS provides medical services and facilities to beneficiaries at subsidized rates. This makes health care more affordable and accessible to government employees and pensioners.

CGHS providing best health care services to eligible beneficiaries, ensuring their well-being and medical needs are taken care of in a systematic and organized manner.

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