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WB Didi Ke Bolo Portal Registration / Contact / Phone Number - didikebolo.com: The West Bengal government has recently introduced the Didi Ke Bolo Portal at didikebolo.com, spearheaded by CM Mamata Banerjee herself. This initiative aims to establish direct communication with the public. A dedicated contact number, 9137091370, and the official website www.didikebolo.com have been launched. Individuals can now submit their concerns via the contact form available on the website.

To address complaints or problems, people can utilize the contact number 9137091370. This pioneering effort, initiated by the Trinamool Congress (TMC)-led state government, marks a significant step towards enhancing the party's grassroots connection, particularly in areas where it traditionally held strong influence.

WB Didi Ke Bolo Portal Registration

WB Didi Ke Bolo Complaint Registration Online

Follow the complete procedure below to file an online complaint for the WB Didi Ke Bolo Campaign: 

  • STEP 1: Visit the official website at didikebolo.com. 
  • STEP 2: On the homepage, you will find the Didi Ke Bolo Campaign Online Registration/Application Form displayed as shown below: 
  • WB Didi Ke Bolo Portal Registration form

  • STEP 3: Upon completing the registration, individuals can establish a direct connection with the Chief Minister herself. 

Now, people can use the Didi Ke Bolo Portal to register their opinions, problems, and any other issues. This campaign enables the residents of West Bengal to communicate directly with CM Mamata Banerjee. The newly launched website, www.didikebolo.com, serves as a platform for people to voice their concerns.

Didi Ke Bolo Contact Number

The Didi Ke Bolo contact number is 9137091370, available for calls throughout the day. 

Additionally, you can connect with Didi Ke Bolo on social media platforms and reach out through messages or comments: 

TMC party leaders will visit villages to uplift the morale of the local residents, especially those facing grievances. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is committed to addressing issues such as local-level extortion and corruption to regain rural support. She has encouraged party leaders to engage at the block level and actively work for the welfare of the people.


  • Check Didi's Contact Number: 9137091370 
  • Official Website: didikebolo.com 

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