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The Andhra Pradesh Tribal Development Department has declared the EMRS School List in AP. Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) have emerged as a crucial initiative by the Indian government to provide quality education and support to tribal communities across the nation. 

In the picturesque state of Andhra Pradesh, these schools have been established to bridge the educational gap and empower tribal students with knowledge and skills. You can check the complete list of all EMRS School  in Andhra Pradesh in given below table.

EMRS School List in Andhra Pradesh

EMRS School List in Andhra Pradesh 2024 PDF

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Kandriga  Chittoor  Buchinaidu Kandriga  Kanamanambedu  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Addateegala  East Godavari  Addateegala  Vetamamidi  2021-22
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Chintoor  East Godavari  Chintur  Kunduru  2018-19
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Maredumilli  East Godavari  Maredumilli  Maredumilli  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Rajavommangi  East Godavari  Rajavommangi  Tallapalem  2019-20
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Rampachodavaram  East Godavari  Rampachodavaram  Padegeddada  2021-22
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Y Ramavaram  East Godavari  Y. Ramavaram  P. Yerragonda  1998-99
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Dornala  Prakasam  Dornala  Dornala  2010-11
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Kodavalur  SPS Nellore  Kodavalur  Kodavalur  2003-04
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Ozili  SPS Nellore  Ozili  Ozili  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Bhamini  Srikakulam  Bhamini  Bhamini  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Meliaputti  Srikakulam  Meliaputti  Meliaputti  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Ananthagiri  Visakhapatanam  Ananthagiri  Pathokota  2020-21
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Araku Valley  Visakhapatanam  Araku Valley  Majjivalasa  2020-21
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Chintapally  Visakhapatanam  Chintapalle  Chintapally  2019-20
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Dumbriguda  Visakhapatanam  Dumbriguda  Dumbriguda  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS G Madugula  Visakhapatanam  G.Madugula  P.G.Madugula  2020-21
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS GK Veedhi  Visakhapatanam  Gudem Kotha Veedhi  Gudem Kotha Veedhi  2010-11
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Hukumpeta  Visakhapatanam  Hukumpeta  Chintalaveedi  2020-21
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Balaram  Visakhapatanam  Koyyuru  Balaram  2020-21
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Munchigaput  Visakhapatanam  Munchingi Puttu  Munchingiputtu  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Paderu  Visakhapatanam  Paderu  Dokuluru  2020-21
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Lakyaputtu  Visakhapatanam  Peda Bayalu  Lakyaputtu  2020-21
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS GL Puram  Vizianagaram  Gumma lakshmipuram  Gummalakshmipuram  2019-20
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Kurupam  Vizianagaram  Kurupam  Kurupam  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Anasabhadra  Vizianagaram  Makkuva  Panasabhadra  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Kotikapenta  Vizianagaram  Pachipenta  Guruvinaidupeta  2014-15
 Andhra Pradesh  EMRS Buttayagudem  West Godavari  Buttayagudem  Buttayagudem  2018-19

List of All EMRS School in Andhra Pradesh

These institutions aim to offer a holistic learning environment that nurtures not only academic excellence but also preserves the rich cultural heritage of the tribal communities. Among the notable EMRS schools in Andhra Pradesh are EMRS Chintapalle, EMRS G. Madugula, and EMRS Paderu, located in the scenic district of Visakhapatnam. Additionally, EMRS Routhulapudi in East Godavari District and EMRS Dummugudem in Khammam District serve as prominent centers of learning for tribal students. 

The schools provide accommodation, food, and all necessary amenities to create a conducive environment for learning and personal growth. They emphasize extracurricular activities, vocational training, and overall personality development. 

While this list provides a glimpse into the existence of EMRS schools in Andhra Pradesh, it is essential to consult official sources or the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for an updated and comprehensive list. These schools stand as beacons of hope, lighting up the path towards a brighter future for the tribal youth of Andhra Pradesh.

You can download the EMRS School List in Anshra Pradesh pdf below.

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