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The Gujarat Tribal Development Department has declaired the EMRS School List in Gujarat. The establishment of EMRS schools in Gujarat reflects the government's commitment to uplift and empower tribal communities through education. 

These schools play a significant role in providing educational opportunities and bridging the gap between tribal and mainstream education. You can check the complete list of all EMRS School  in Gujarat in given below table.

EMRS School List in Gujarat

EMRS School List in Gujarat 2024 PDF

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Gujarat  EMRS Shamalaji - I  Arvalli  Bhiloda  Shamalpur  1997-98
 Gujarat  EMRS Shamalaji 2  Arvalli  Bhiloda  Mandhari  2010-11
 Gujarat  EMRS Amirgadh  Banas Kantha  Amirgadh  Amigadh  2018-19
 Gujarat  EMRS Ambaji  Banas Kantha  Danta  Ambaji  2007-08
 Gujarat  EMRS Jagana  Banas Kantha  Palanpur  Jagana  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Jhagadia  Bharuch  Jhagadia  Boridara (Sarkari)  2018-19
 Gujarat  EMRS Wagalkhod  Bharuch  Netrang  Netrang  2016-17
 Gujarat  EMRS Puniyavant  Chhotaudepur  Chhotaudepur  Puniyavant  2013-14
 Gujarat  EMRS Jetpur Pavi  Chhotaudepur  Jetpur Pavi  Undva  2021-22
 Gujarat  EMRS Kawant  Chhotaudepur  Kavant  Kavant  2019-20
 Gujarat  EMRS Naswadi  Chhotaudepur  Nasvadi  Linda  2017-18
 Gujarat  EMRS Kharedi  Dahod  Dahod  Kharedi  2007-08
 Gujarat  EMRS Lukhadiya  Dahod  Dhanpur  Lukhadiya  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Garbada  Dahod  Garbada  Garbada  2019-20
 Gujarat  EMRS Jhalod  Dahod  Jhalod  Rajpur  2021-22
 Gujarat  EMRS Singvad  Dahod  Singvad  Singvad  2018-19 (Old)
 Gujarat  EMRS Ahwa  Dang  Ahwa  Ahwa  1997-98
 Gujarat  EMRS Saputara  Dang  Ahwa  Saputara  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Kadana  Mahisagar  Kadana  Divada  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Santrampur  Mahisagar  Santrampur  Santrampur  2019-20
 Gujarat  EMRS Dediyapada  Narmada  Dediyapada  Dediapada  2019-20
 Gujarat  EMRS Gora (Nandod)  Narmada  Garudeshwar  Gora  2010-11
 Gujarat  EMRS Nandod  Narmada  Nandod  Karantha  2021-22
 Gujarat  EMRS Sagbara  Narmada  Sagbara  Sagbara  2017-18
 Gujarat  EMRS Tilkawada  Narmada  Tilakwada  Tilakwada  1997-98
 Gujarat  EMRS Bartad  Navsari  Bansda  Bartad (Unai)  2001-02
 Gujarat  EMRS Vejalpur  Panch Mahal  Kalol  Vejalpur  2007-08
 Gujarat  EMRS Khedbrahma  Sabar Kantha  Khedbrahma  Agiya  2022-23
 Gujarat  EMRS Poshina  Sabar Kantha  Poshina  Chandrana  2015-16
 Gujarat  EMRS Vijaynagar  Sabar Kantha  Vijaynagar  Dholvani  2021-22
 Gujarat  EMRS Mota  Surat  Bardoli  Mota  1997-98
 Gujarat  EMRS Mandavi  Surat  Mandavi  Mandavi  2017-18
 Gujarat  EMRS Umarpada  Surat  Umarpada  Bilwan  2021-22
 Gujarat  EMRS Khodada  Tapi  Nizar  Khodada  2003-04
 Gujarat  EMRS Ukai  Tapi  Songadh  Patharda  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Uchhchhal  Tapi  Uchchhal  Kataswan  2018-19
 Gujarat  EMRS Valod  Tapi  Valod  Dadariya  2021-22
 Gujarat  EMRS Indu  Tapi  Vyara  Indu  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Waghodia 2  Vadodara  Waghodia  Waghodiya  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Dharamapur  Valsad  Dharampur  Dharanpur  2011-12
 Gujarat  EMRS Kaparada  Valsad  Kaprada  Kaprada  2001-02
 Gujarat  EMRS Pardi  Valsad  Pardi  Balda  2001-02

List of All EMRS School in Gujarat

EMRS (Eklavya Model Residential School) is a government initiative that aims to provide quality education to tribal students across India. In Gujarat, there are several EMRS schools established to cater to the educational needs of tribal communities. Above we have given the list of EMRS schools in Gujarat.

These EMRS schools in Gujarat provide a nurturing and conducive environment for tribal students to receive quality education. The schools offer residential facilities, well-equipped classrooms, libraries, computer labs, sports facilities, and dedicated faculty members.

For more detailed information about each EMRS school, including their locations and contact details, it is recommended to visit the official website of the Gujarat Tribal Development Department or check the given table.

You can download the EMRS School List in Gujarat pdf below.

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