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The Maharashtra Tribal Development Department has declaired the EMRS School List 2024 in Maharashtra. The establishment of EMRS schools in Maharashtra reflects the government's commitment to uplift and empower tribal communities through education. 

These schools play an important role in providing educational opportunities and bridging the gap between tribal and mainstream education. You can check the complete list of all EMRS School  in Maharashtra in given below table.

EMRS School List in Maharashtra

EMRS School List in Maharashtra 2024

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Maharashtra  EMRS Maveshi  Ahmednagar  Akole  Maveshi  2014-15
 Maharashtra  EMRS Chikhaldara  Amravati  Chikhaldara  Chikhaldara  1997-98
 Maharashtra  EMRS Dharni  Amravati  Dharni  Dharni  2021-22
 Maharashtra  EMRS Devada  Chandrapur  Rajura  Dewada  2015-16
 Maharashtra  EMRS Sakri  Dhule  Sakri  Bhadane  2022-23
 Maharashtra  EMRS Pimpalner  Dhule  Shirpur  Pimpalner  2015-16
 Maharashtra  EMRS Aheri  Gadchiroli  Aheri  Aheri  2013-14
 Maharashtra  EMRS Bhamragad  Gadchiroli  Bhamragad  Bhamragad  2020-21
 Maharashtra  EMRS Chamorshi  Gadchiroli  Chamorshi  Chamorshi  2016-17
 Maharashtra  EMRS Dhanora  Gadchiroli  Dhanora  Dhanora  2020-21
 Maharashtra  EMRS Etapalli  Gadchiroli  Etapalli  Kasansur  2021-22
 Maharashtra  EMRS korchi  Gadchiroli  Korchi  Khunara  2020-21
 Maharashtra  EMRS Gewardha  Gadchiroli  Kurkheda  Gewardha  2019-20
 Maharashtra  EMRS Borgaon  Gondiya  Deori  Borgaon Bazar  2013-14
 Maharashtra  EMRS Khairi Parsoda  Nagpur  Ramtek  Khairi  1997-98
 Maharashtra  EMRS Shahstrakund  Nanded  Kinwat  Walki Bk  2015-16
 Maharashtra  EMRS Akkalkuwa  Nandurbar  Akkalkuwa  Akkalkuwa  2019-20
 Maharashtra  EMRS Dhadgaon  Nandurbar  Akrani  Amaled  2017-18
 Maharashtra  EMRS Nandurbar  Nandurbar  Nandurbar  Nandurbar  2013-14
 Maharashtra  EMRS Dongsangli  Nandurbar  Navapur  Dongsangli  2019-20
 Maharashtra  EMRS Shahade  Nandurbar  Shahade  Mohida  2020-21
 Maharashtra  EMRS Talode  Nandurbar  Talode  Kharwad  2021-22
 Maharashtra  EMRS Ajmer Saudane  Nashik  Baglan  Ajmir Saundane  2014-15
 Maharashtra  EMRS Titave  Nashik  Dindori  Titave  2016-17
 Maharashtra  EMRS Pimprisadroddin  Nashik  Igatpuri  Pimpri Sadroddin  2013-14
 Maharashtra  EMRS Chankapur  Nashik  Kalwan  Chankapur  2019-20
 Maharashtra  EMRS Peth Road  Nashik  Nashik  Nashik  1997-98
 Maharashtra  EMRS Peinth  Nashik  Peinth  Deogaon  2021-22
 Maharashtra  EMRS Shinde Digar  Nashik  Surgana  Shinde Digar  2018-19
 Maharashtra  EMRS Trimbakeshwar  Nashik  Trimbakeshwar  Boripada  2021-22
 Maharashtra  EMRS Dahanu  Palghar  Dahanu  Dapcheri  2020-21
 Maharashtra  EMRS Jawhar  Palghar  Jawhar  Jawhar  2018-19
 Maharashtra  EMRS Karegaon  Palghar  Mokhada  Karegaon  2021-22
 Maharashtra  EMRS Kambalgaon  Palghar  Palghar  Kambalgaon  1997-98
 Maharashtra  EMRS Savane  Palghar  Talasari  Savane  2018-19
 Maharashtra  EMRS Shendegaon  Thane  Shahapur  Shende  2014-15
 Maharashtra  EMRS Botoni  Yavatmal  Maregaon  Chinchoni Botoni  2017-18

List of All 2024 EMRS School in Maharashtra

EMRS (Eklavya Model Residential School) is a government initiative that aims to provide quality education to tribal students across India. In Maharashtra, there are several EMRS schools established to cater to the educational needs of tribal communities. Above we have given the list of EMRS schools in Maharashtra.

These EMRS schools in Maharashtra provide a nurturing and conducive environment for tribal students to receive quality education. The schools offer residential facilities, well-equipped classrooms, libraries, computer labs, sports facilities, and dedicated faculty members.

For more detailed information about each EMRS school, including their locations and contact details, it is recommended to visit the official website of the Gujarat Tribal Development Department or check the given table.

You can download the EMRS School List in Maharashtra pdf below.

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