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If you are looking for the best EMRS schools in Chhattisgarh then you are at the right website. EMRS, or Eklavya Model Residential School, is a prestigious educational initiative by the Government of India that aims to provide quality education to tribal students. 

We have made a best list of top-notch EMRS schools in the Chhattisgarh to help you make an informed decision for your child's education. You can check complete list of all EMRS School in Chhattisgarh below in table.

EMRS School List in Chhattisgarh

EMRS School List in Chhattisgarh 2024 PDF

Chhattisgarh boasts several EMRS schools that offer a nurturing environment and excellent academic opportunities. Check EMRS School List in Chhattisgarh here.

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Dondi  Balod  Dondi  Dondi  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Sonakhan  Baloda Bazar  Kasdol  Sonakhan  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Balrampur  Balrampur  Balrampur  Maharajganj  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Balrampur  Balrampur  Rajpur  Nawapara  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Ramanujganj  Balrampur  Ramanujganj  Deviganj  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Kusmi  Balrampur  Samri(kusmi)  Ramnagar  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Shankargarh  Balrampur  Shankargarh  Dohana  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Wadrafnagar  Balrampur  Wadrafnagar  Barti kala  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Karpawand  Bastar  Bakavand  Karpawand  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Kodenar  Bastar  Bastanar  Kodenar  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Besoli  Bastar  Bastar  Besoli  2013-14
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Chhindwada  Bastar  Darbha  Chhindawada  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Gadhiya  Bastar  Lohandiguda  Gadhiya  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Tokapal  Bastar  Tonkapal  Mavlibhata  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Bhairamgarh  Bijapur  Bhairamgarh  Pusnar  2010-11
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Rudraram  Bijapur  Bhopalpattnam  Rudraram  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Bijapur  Bijapur  Bijapur  Education City Nukarpal  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Dugaiguda  Bijapur  Usur  Dugaiguda  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Newsa Pendra Road  Bilaspur  Gaurella 2 (Pendra Road Gorella)  Newsa  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Dantewada  Dantewada  Dantewada  Metapal  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Geedam  Dantewada  Gidam  Haram  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Katekalyan  Dantewada  Katekalyan  Parcheli  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Kuadonda  Dantewada  Kuakonda  Kuakonda  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Patharridih  Dhamtari  Nagari  Patharridih  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Gariyaband  Gariyaband  Gariyaband  Keshodar  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Mainpur  Gariyaband  Mainpur  Girhola  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Dongariya  Gaurella Pendra Marwahi  Marwahi  Dongariya  2013-14
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Lata Pendra  Gaurella Pendra Marwahi  Pendra (Gaurella-1)  Lata  2018-19
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Paladikhurd  Janjgir Champa  Sakti  Paladi Khurd  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Sanna  Jashpur  Bagicha  Sanna  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Gholeng  Jashpur  Jashpur  Gholeng  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Dhudhrudand  Jashpur  Kansabel  Dhudrudand  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Rairumakala (Sukhrapara)  Jashpur  Patthalgaon  Rairumakala(Shukhrapara)  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Pharsabahar  Jashpur  Pharsabahar  Pharsabahar  2022-23
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Taregaon  Kabirdham  Bodla  Taregaon  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Antagarh  Kanker  Antagarh  Lamkanhar  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Bhanuprarappur  Kanker  Bhanupratappur  Faraskot  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Durgkondal  Kanker  Durgkondal  Bhandargiri  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Kanker  Kanker  Kanker  Anjani  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Narharpur  Kanker  Narharpur  Surhi  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Bade Rajpur  Kondagaon  Bade Rajpur  0  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Bedma  Kondagaon  Keshkal  Bedma  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Golawand  Kondagaon  Kondagaon  Golawand  2012-13
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Kondagaon  Kondagaon  Makdi  0  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Chichadi  Kondagaon  Pharasgaon  Chichadi  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Chhuri  Korba  Katghora  Chhurikhurd  2010-11
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Lafa  Korba  Pali  Lafa  2018-19
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Pondi Uproda  Korba  Pondi Uproda  Rampur  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Koriya  Koriya  Bharatpur  0  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Pondidih  Koriya  Khadgawan  Podidih  2011-12
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Ghughra  Koriya  Sonhat  Beliya  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Mahasamund  Mahasamund  Pithora  Lahraud  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Bandhwa Lormi  Mungeli  Lormi  Bandhwa  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Chheribeda  Narayanpur  Narayanpur  Bhatpal  2013-14
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Orchha  Narayanpur  Orcha  0  2018-19
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Dharamjaigarh  Raigarh  Dharamjaigarh  Baysi  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Chharratangarh Gharghoda  Raigarh  Gharghoda  Chattatangarh  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Chote Mudpar  Raigarh  Kharsia  Chhote Mudpar  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Lailunga  Raigarh  Lailunga  Heerapur  2021-22
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Manpur  Rajnandgaon  Manpur  Khwshfakadi  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Mohla  Rajnandgaon  Mohla  Mading-Pidling-Dhenu  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Pendri  Rajnandgaon  Rajnandgaon  Pendri  2010-11
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Balatikra (Chindgarh)  Sukma  Chhindgarh  Balatikra  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Errabor (Konta)  Sukma  Konta  Erabor  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Sukma  Sukma  Sukma  Sukma  2015-16
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Shivprasadnagar  Surajpur  Bhaiyathan  Shivprasadnagar  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Oudgi  Surajpur  Odgi  Paldanauli  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Pratappur  Surajpur  Pratappur  Khorma  2019-20
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Premnagar  Surajpur  Premnagar  Bakirma  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Shuvpur  Surguja  Batauli  Shivpur  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Lundra  Surguja  Lundra  Sahanpur  2021-22
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Mainpat  Surguja  Mainpat  Kamleshwarpur  2005-06
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Petla  Surguja  Sitapur  Petla  2020-21
 Chhattisgarh  EMRS Rikhi Udyan  Surguja  Udaipur  Rikhi  2019-20

List of All EMRS School in Chhattisgarh

Give your child the best educational experience by enrolling them in one of the renowned EMRS schools in Chhattisgarh. Students at EMRS schools not only best academically but also participate in co-curricular activities such as sports, arts, and cultural programs.

The EMRS schools in Chhattisgarh follow a student-centric approach, focusing on individual attention, personalized learning, and character building. With a strong emphasis on discipline and values, these schools strive to shape well-rounded individuals who are ready to face the challenges of the modern world.

Whether you are looking for an EMRS school in Raipur, Bilaspur, or any other city in Chhattisgarh, our list provides you with a range of options to choose from. Each school on the list has been carefully selected based on their academic reputation, infrastructure, faculty expertise, and student achievements.

You can download the EMRS School List in Chhattisgarh pdf below.

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