EMRS School List in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tribal Development Department has released the EMRS School List. EMRS schools in Rajasthan are instrumental in providing quality education and fostering the overall development of tribal students. These schools play a crucial role in ensuring equal opportunities and empowering tribal communities through education. It is important to note that the availability of EMRS schools and the specific locations may change over time. You can check the complete list of all EMRS School in Rajasthan in given below table.

EMRS School List in Rajasthan

EMRS School List in Rajasthan 2023 PDF

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Rajasthan  EMRS Mallana  Alwar  Rajgarh  Mallana  2010-11
 Rajasthan  EMRS Patan  Alwar  Reni  Patan  2011-12
 Rajasthan  EMRS Padola  Banswara  Anandpuri  Pandola  2010-11
 Rajasthan  EMRS Sundrav  Banswara  Anandpuri  Sundrao  2013-14
 Rajasthan  EMRS Bagidora  Banswara  Bagidora  Bansia  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Abapura  Banswara  Banswara  Dabrimal  2018-19
 Rajasthan  EMRS Garhi Parkhela  Banswara  Garhi  Parkhela  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Kushalgarh  Banswara  Kushalgarh  Churada  1997-98
 Rajasthan  EMRS Hanotiya  Baran  Shahbad  Hanotiya  1997-98
 Rajasthan  EMRS Dungarpur  Dungarpur  Dungarpur  Gumanpura  2019-20
 Rajasthan  EMRS Parda Chundawat  Dungarpur  Sabla  Parda Chundawat  2010-11
 Rajasthan  EMRS Sagwara  Dungarpur  Sagwara  Surajgaon  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Simalwara  Dungarpur  Simalwara  Seemalwara  1998-99
 Rajasthan  EMRS Biharipura  Jaipur  Bassi  Biharipura  2010-11
 Rajasthan  EMRS Jamwa Ramgarh  Jaipur  Jamwa Ramgarh  Mathasoola  2016-17
 Rajasthan  EMRS Ranoli  Karauli  Todabhim  Ranoli  2010-11
 Rajasthan  EMRS Arnod  Pratapgarh  Arnod  Nagdera  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Dhariawad  Pratapgarh  Dhariawad  Panchagurah  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Peepalkhunt  Pratapgarh  Peepalkhoont  Mathugamda  2018-19
 Rajasthan  EMRS Timarwa  Pratapgarh  Pratapgarh  Teemarwa  2007-08
 Rajasthan  EMRS Barnala  Sawai Madhopur  Bamanwas  Barnala  2010-11
 Rajasthan  EMRS Danvav  Sirohi  Abu Road  Danvav, Ward No 31  1997-98
 Rajasthan  EMRS Niwai  Tonk  Newai  Niwai (Rural)  1999-00
 Rajasthan  EMRS Gogunda  Udaipur  Gogunda  Dadiya  2013-14
 Rajasthan  EMRS Jhadol  Udaipur  Jhadol  Jotana  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Khandiovri  Udaipur  Kherwara  Khandiovri Uplaphala  2021-22
 Rajasthan  EMRS Kotra  Udaipur  Kotra  Kotra  1997-98
 Rajasthan  EMRS Lasadiya  Udaipur  Lasadiya  Kun  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Kherwara  Udaipur  Rishabhdeo  Kagddar  1999-00
 Rajasthan  EMRS Salumber  Udaipur  Salumbar  Prem Nagar  2020-21
 Rajasthan  EMRS Peepalkhunt  Udaipur  Sarada  Peepalkhunt  2019-20

List of All EMRS School in Rajasthan

The EMRS (Eklavya Model Residential School) scheme is a government initiative in India that aims to provide quality education to tribal communities across the country. These residential schools are established in various states, including Rajasthan, with the objective of ensuring holistic development and empowerment of tribal students. Above is the list of EMRS schools in Rajasthan.

These EMRS schools in Rajasthan are part of the government's efforts to bridge the educational gap and promote inclusivity among tribal communities. By providing residential facilities, quality education, and holistic development opportunities, these schools aim to empower tribal students and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the modern world. 

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the EMRS School List in Rajasthan, it is recommended to visit the official government education portal.

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