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EMRS schools in Madhya Pradesh serve as beacons of hope, empowering tribal students and paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for the state and the nation. The Madhya Pradesh government, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, has been committed to expanding the EMRS program to ensure more tribal students can access quality education and break the cycle of poverty and marginalization. You can check the complete list of all EMRS School in Rajasthan in given below table.

EMRS School List in Madhya Pradesh

EMRS School List in Madhya Prades 2024 PDF

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Alirajpur  Alirajpur  Alirajpur  Alirajpur  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Sejawada  Alirajpur  Bhabra  Chandrasekhar Azad Nagar  2014-15  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Jobat  Alirajpur  Jobat  Jobat  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Sondwa  Alirajpur  Sondwa  Sondwa  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Anuppur  Anuppur  Jaitahari  Barbaspur  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Pushparajgarh  Anuppur  Pushparajgarh  Harra Tola  2021-22  Non Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Baihar  Balaghat  Baihar  Baihar  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Ukwa  Balaghat  Paraswada  Paraswada  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Barwani  Barwani  Barwani  Barwani Khurd  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Puruskheda  Barwani  Newali  Puruskheda  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Budi  Barwani  Pati  Budi  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Rajpur  Barwani  Rajpur  Rajpur  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Sendhwa  Barwani  Sendhawa  Sendhawa  2014-15  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Bhaisedhi  Betul  Bhainsdehi  Bhaisedhi  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Bhimpura  Betul  Bhimpura  Ratamati  2021-22  Non Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Chicholi  Betul  Chicholi  Chicholi  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Shahpur  Betul  Shahpur  Shahpur  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Bhopal (Phanda)  Bhopal  Phanda  Bawadiya  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Manjrodkala  Burhanpur  Khaknar  Manjrodkala  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Singardip  Chhindwara  Bichhua  Singardip  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Harrai  Chhindwara  Harrai  Harrai  2018-19  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Junnardev  Chhindwara  Jamai  Junnardev  2005-06  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Tamia  Chhindwara  Tamia  Tamia  2018-19  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Bagh  Dhar  Bagh  Banda  2021-22  Non Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Pithanpur  Dhar  Dahi  Pithanpur  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Gardawad  Dhar  Dhar  Gardawad  2014-15  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Gandhwani  Dhar  Gandhwani  Gandhwani  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Kukshi  Dhar  Kukshi  Kukshi  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Dewla  Dhar  Manawar  Dewla  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Sardarpur  Dhar  Sardarpur  Badvelly (Badbeli)  2022-23  Non Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Dindori  Dindori  Dindori  Dindori  2005-06  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Karanjiya  Dindori  Karanjiya  karanjiya  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Menhadwani  Dindori  Menhadwani  Menhadwani  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Shahpura  Dindori  Shahpura  Pipradi  2018-19  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS (PTG) Guna  Guna  Guna  Guna  2007-08  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Rehatgaon  Harda  Rehatgaon  Rehatgaon  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Kesala  Hoshangabad  Kesla  Kesla  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS (PTG) Indore  Indore  Indore Rural  Morod  2008-09  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Indore (Mhow)  Indore  Mhow  Jamaniya  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS (PTG) Jabalpur  Jabalpur  Jabalpur  Rampur Chhapar  2008-09  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Narainala  Jabalpur  Jabalpur  NaraiNala  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Mahganwa  Jabalpur  Panagar  Mahganva  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Meghnagar  Jhabua  Meghnagar  Meghnagar  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Petlawad  Jhabua  Petlawad  Kardawad (Rural)  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Mordundiya  Jhabua  Ranapur  Mardundiya  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Thandla Agral  Jhabua  Thandla  Agral  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Khalwa  Khandwa  Khalwa  Khalwa  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Bhagwanpura  Khargone  Bhagwanpura  Bhagwanpura  2021-22  Non Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Jhiranya  Khargone  Jhiranya  Jhirnya  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Khargone  Khargone  Khargone  Khargone  2015-16  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Segaon  Khargone  Segaon  Segaon  2021-22  Non Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Sijhora  Mandla  Bichhiya  Sijhaura  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Chatarpur  Mandla  Ghughari  Chatarpur  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Mandla  Mandla  Mandla  Mandla  2015-16  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Karahal  Mandla  Narayanganj  Sanghanpur Chowki  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Niwas  Mandla  Niwas  Niwas  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Ratlam  Ratlam  Bajna  Ratlam  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Sailana  Ratlam  Sailana  Sailana  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Arkani  Satna  Maihar  Arkandi (Mehar)  2014-15  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Chitrakoot  Satna  Majhgawan  Chitrakoot  2015-16  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Budhni  Sehore  Budni  Banspur  2014-15  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Dhanora  Seoni  Dhanora  Dhanaura  2021-22  Non Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Ghansore  Seoni  Ghansaur  Ghansaur  2000-01  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Birodi  Shahdol  Jaitpur  Birodi  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Sohagpur  Shahdol  Sohagpur  Sohagpur  2010-11  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Shahdol  Shahdol  Sohagpur  Harri  2019-20  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Karahal  Sheopur  Karahal  Panwada  2020-21  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Tansar  Sidhi  Kusmi  Tansar  2005-06  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Singrauli  Singrauli  Deosar  Bargawan  2015-16  Functional
 Madhya Pradesh  EMRS Pali  Umaria  Pali  Pali  2005-06  Functional

List of All EMRS School in Madhya Pradesh

The Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) program has been instrumental in transforming the educational landscape for tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh. These schools have been established to provide quality education, nurture talent, and empower tribal students with the knowledge and skills necessary to expert in various fields.

EMRS schools in Madhya Pradesh are strategically located across different districts, ensuring accessibility for tribal students from remote areas. These institutions aim to bridge the educational gap and create a supportive learning environment, enabling students to explore their potential and pursue their aspirations. 

These schools strive to provide not only academic education but also foster all-round development through extracurricular activities, sports, vocational training, and cultural programs. Additionally, they aim to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage of the tribal communities

You can download the EMRS School List in Madhya Pradesh pdf below.

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