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Welcome to the best list of EMRS Schools in Meghalaya! If you're looking for quality education rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the region, you've come to the right place. This carefully curated list showcases the exemplary Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) scattered across Meghalaya's picturesque landscape. You can check complete list of all EMRS School in Meghalaya below in table.

EMRS School List in Meghalaya

EMRS School List in Meghalaya 2024 PDF

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Meghalaya  EMRS Rikwarenggre  East Garo Hills  Dambo Rongjeng  Rikwarenggre  2019-20
 Meghalaya  EMRS Kharkutta  East Garo Hills  Kharkutta  Songsak  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Resubelpara  East Garo Hills  Resubelpara  Radi  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Samanda  East Garo Hills  Samanda  Nengkra  2018-19 (Old)
 Meghalaya  EMRS Songsak  East Garo Hills  Songsak  Songsak  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Khatarshnong Laitkroh  East Khasi Hills  Khatarshnong Laitkroh  0  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Kharang  East Khasi Hills  Mawkynrew  Kharang  2019-20
 Meghalaya  EMRS Mawphlang  East Khasi Hills  Mawphlang  0  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Shella Bholaganj  East Khasi Hills  Shella Bholaganj  Mawmluh  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Amlarem  Jaintia Hills  Amlarem  Amlarem  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Kairang  Jaintia Hills  Khliehriat  Kairang  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Laskein  Jaintia Hills  Laskein  Laskein  2019-20
 Meghalaya  EMRS Umling  Ri-Bhoi  Umling  Pahamsyiem  2016-17
 Meghalaya  EMRS Umtrai  Ri-Bhoi  Umsning  Umtrai  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Baghmara  South Garo Hills  Baghmara  Gittinggre  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Chokpot  South Garo Hills  Chokpot  Jetragre  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Gasupara  South Garo Hills  Gasuapara  Rongsepgre  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Rongara  South Garo Hills  Rongara  Rongara  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Betasing  West Garo Hills  Betasing  Jelbongpara  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Mairang  West Garo Hills  Mairang  Mawlyntriang  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Rabukong  West Garo Hills  Tikrikilla  Rabukong  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Boldamgre  West Garo Hills  Zikzak  Boldamgre  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Domjyrti  West Khasi Hills  Mawkyrwat  Domjyrti  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Mawshynrut  West Khasi Hills  Mawshynrut  Songsak-Doranggre  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Mawthadraishan  West Khasi Hills  Mawthadraishan  Mawlangren  2021-22
 Meghalaya  EMRS Sohparu  West Khasi Hills  Nongstoin  Sohparu  2018-19
 Meghalaya  EMRS Ranikor  West Khasi Hills  Ranikor  Nonghyllam  2021-22

List of All EMRS School in Meghalaya

EMRS schools in Meghalaya are renowned for their holistic approach to education, providing a perfect blend of academic excellence and character development. With highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, these institutions are dedicated to nurturing young minds and empowering them to become future leaders.

EMRS schools emphasize the preservation of Meghalaya's unique traditions and ethos. By promoting extracurricular activities, cultural events, and sports, these schools encourage students to explore their talents and interests. Choosing an EMRS school in Meghalaya means offering your child a well-rounded education in a safe and inclusive environment.

Each school is equipped with modern infrastructure, fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning and personal growth. Explore our carefully compiled EMRS School List in Meghalaya below and take the first step towards providing your child with an exceptional educational journey that will pave the way for a successful and fulfilling future.

You can download the EMRS School List in Meghalaya pdf below.

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