Telangana EMRS School List 2024 PDF Download Free

Among the notable EMRS schools in Telangana are EMRS Utnoor and EMRS Koutala in Adilabad District, as well as EMRS Kataram and EMRS Eturnagaram in Jayashankar Bhupalpally District. 

These institutions, along with others like EMRS Ashwaraopeta in Bhadradri Kothagudem District and EMRS Gundala in Nalgonda District, serve as crucial centers for knowledge dissemination and overall development. You can check complete list of all EMRS School in Telangana below in table.

EMRS School List in Telangana

EMRS School List in Telangana 2024 PDF

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Telangana  EMRS Indravelli  Adilabad  Inderavelly  Indravelli  2020-21
 Telangana  EMRS (B) Narnoor  Adilabad  Narnoor  Narnoor  1997-98
 Telangana  EMRS Utnoor  Adilabad  Utnoor  Utnoor  2019-20
 Telangana  EMRS Cherla  Bhadradri Kothagudem  Cherla  Rice-peta  2020-21
 Telangana  EMRS (G) Gandugulapally  Bhadradri Kothagudem  Dammapeta  Dammapeta  2015-16
 Telangana  EMRS Dummugudem  Bhadradri Kothagudem  Dummugudem  Seetharama puram  2020-21
 Telangana  EMRS Gundala  Bhadradri Kothagudem  Gundala  Mamakannu  2019-20
 Telangana  EMRS Mulakalapalle  Bhadradri Kothagudem  Mulkalapalle  Mookamamidi  2020-21
 Telangana  EMRS (G) Palvancha  Bhadradri Kothagudem  Palwancha  Pandurangapuram  2017-18
 Telangana  EMRS Telukapally  Bhadradri Kothagudem  Tekulapalle  Tekulapally  2018-19
 Telangana  EMRS (B) Gandhari  Kamareddy  Gandhari  Gandhari  1998-99
 Telangana  EMRS Singareni  Khammam  Singareni  Usirikayalapally  2020-21
 Telangana  EMRS Sirpur  Komaram Bheem Asifabad  Sirpur  Kaghaznagar  2018-19
 Telangana  EMRS Bayyaram  Mahabubabad  Bayyaram  Bayyaram  2019-20
 Telangana  EMRS Gudur  Mahabubabad  Gudur  Gudur  2020-21
 Telangana  EMRS Kothagudem  Mahabubabad  Kothagudem  Pogullapal  2020-21
 Telangana  EMRS (G) Kuravi  Mahabubabad  Kuravi  Kuravi  1997-98
 Telangana  EMRS (G) Seerole  Mahabubabad  Kuravi  Seerole  2014-15
 Telangana  EMRS (B) Balanagar  Mahabubnagar  Balanagar  Balanagar  1997-98
 Telangana  EMRS (B) Kalwakurthy  Nagarkurnool  Jadcherla  Jadcherla  2017-18
 Telangana  EMRS (G) Indalvai  Nizamabad  Indalwai  Indalwai  2015-16
 Telangana  EMRS (G) Marrimadla  Rajanna Sircilla  Konaraopet  Marrimadla  2003-04
 Telangana  EMRS (G) Yellareddypet  Rajanna Sircilla  Yellareddipet  Yellareddypet  1998-99

List of All EMRS School in Telangana

The Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) program has made significant strides in Telangana, offering a platform for quality education to the tribal communities residing in the state. These schools have been established in various districts, promoting inclusive and holistic learning for tribal students. 

EMRS schools in Telangana prioritize providing a nurturing environment, with facilities such as accommodation, food, and academic resources. They aim to ensure that tribal students receive the necessary support and encouragement to expert academically and grow as responsible individuals with a strong sense of cultural identity.

To access the most current and comprehensive list of EMRS schools in Telangana, it is recommended to refer to official government website or the Ministry of Tribal Affairs website or directly download from below given link. 

You can download the EMRS School List in Telangana pdf below.

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