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Welcome to the best list of EMRS Schools in Odisha! If you're looking for quality education rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the region, you've come to the right place. This carefully curated list showcases the exemplary Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) scattered across Odisha picturesque landscape. You can check complete list of all EMRS School in Odisha below in table.

EMRS School List in Odisha

EMRS School List in Odisha 2024 PDF

 State  Name of the School  District  Block  Village  Year of
 Odisha  EMRS Dumerbahal  Balangir  Puintala  Dumerbahal  2011-12
 Odisha  EMRS Nilgiri  Baleshwar  Nilagiri  Nilgiri  2016-17
 Odisha  EMRS Tileibani  Debagarh  Tileibani  Tileibani  2016-17
 Odisha  EMRS Kankadahad  Dhenkanal  Kankadahad  Kankadahad  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Serango  Gajapati  Guma (Serango)  Badigaon  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Chandragiri  Gajapati  Mohana  Chandragiri  2001-02
 Odisha  EMRS Nuagada  Gajapati  Nuagada  Nuagada  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS R Udaygiri  Gajapati  R.Udaygiri  Ramagiri  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Rampilo  Jajapur  Danagadi  Rampilo  2007-08
 Odisha  EMRS Kirimira  Jharsuguda  Kirimira  Kirimira  2016-17
 Odisha  EMRS Laikera  Jharsuguda  Laikera  Laikera  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Madhupur  Kalahandi  Kokasara  Madhupur  2011-12
 Odisha  EMRS Thuamul Rampur  Kalahandi  Thuamul Rampur  Saisurni  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Mahasingi  Kandhamal  Baliguda  Mahasingi  2001-02
 Odisha  EMRS Daringbadi  Kandhamal  Daringbadi  Daringbadi  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS G. Udayagiri  Kandhamal  G. Udayagiri  G. Udayagiri  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Phiringia  Kandhamal  Phiringia  Phiringia  2015-16
 Odisha  EMRS Phulbani  Kandhamal  Phulbani  Phulbani  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Raikia  Kandhamal  Raikia  Raikia  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Tikabali  Kandhamal  Tikabali  Tikabali  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Tumudibandha  Kandhamal  Tumudibandha  Tutuluba  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Nayakote  Kendujhar  Banspal  Nayakote  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Champua  Kendujhar  Champua  Champua  2016-17
 Odisha  EMRS Ghatagaon  Kendujhar  Ghatgaon  Balijodi  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Harichandanpur  Kendujhar  Harichandanpur  Pitapiti  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Ranki  Kendujhar  Kendujhar Sadar  Ranki  2001-02
 Odisha  EMRS Patana  Kendujhar  Patana  Erendel  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Saharapada  Kendujhar  Saharapada  Udyapur  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Telkoi  Kendujhar  Telkoi  Jagmohanpur  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Boipariguda  Koraput  Boipariguda  Kollar  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Boriguma  Koraput  Boriguma  Anchala  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Jeypore  Koraput  Jeypore  Jeypore  2016-17
 Odisha  EMRS Kotpad  Koraput  Kotpad  Kotpad  2018-19
 Odisha  EMRS Kundura  Koraput  Kundura  Raniguda  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Laxmipur  Koraput  Laxmipur  Panchada  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Nandapur  Koraput  Nandapur (Padua)  Padua  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Narayanpatna  Koraput  Narayanpatna  Balipeta  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Pungar  Koraput  Semiliguda  Pungar  1997-98
 Odisha  EMRS Chitrakonda  Malkangiri  Chitrakonda  Chitrakonda  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Orkel  Malkangiri  Korkunda (Orkel)  Orkel  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Malkangiri  Malkangiri  Malkangiri  Champanagar  2010-11
 Odisha  EMRS Mathili  Malkangiri  Mathili  Mathili  2018-19
 Odisha  EMRS Mudulipada  Malkangiri  Mudulipada (Khairaput)  Khairput  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Bahalda  Mayurbhanj  Bahalda  Kaduani  2011-12
 Odisha  EMRS Bangriposi  Mayurbhanj  Bangriposi  Shyamsundarpur  2015-16
 Odisha  EMRS Baripada  Mayurbhanj  Baripada  Basantpur  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Badasahi  Mayurbhanj  Barsahi  Badaligaon  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Bijatola  Mayurbhanj  Bijatola  Tikarpada  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Bisoi  Mayurbhanj  Bisoi  Bisoi  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Gopabandhu  Mayurbhanj  Gopabandhunagar  Purunabaripada  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Badkuleibira  Mayurbhanj  Jamda  Badkuleibira  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Jashipur  Mayurbhanj  Jashipur  Jamda  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Dewanbahali  Mayurbhanj  Kaptipada  Beldiha  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Karanjia  Mayurbhanj  Karanjia  Biunria  2015-16
 Odisha  EMRS Dhanghera  Mayurbhanj  Khunta  Dhanghera  1997-98
 Odisha  EMRS Koliana  Mayurbhanj  Koliana  Panijia  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Kusumi  Mayurbhanj  Kusumi (Badampahar)  Dhangudimuta  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Sukruli  Mayurbhanj  Mahuldiha (Sukruli)  Pratapjadunathpur Sashan  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Rairangpur  Mayurbhanj  Rairangpur (Gorumahisani)  Sundhal  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Raruan  Mayurbhanj  Raruan  Badraruan  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Rasagobindapur  Mayurbhanj  Rasagobindapur  Bankati Samil  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Saraskana  Mayurbhanj  Saraskana (Jharpokharia)  Gandipani  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Shamakhunta  Mayurbhanj  Shamakhunta  Tikarpada  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Mahuldiha  Mayurbhanj  Thakurmunda  Satakosia  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Tiring  Mayurbhanj  Tiring  Tiring  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Udala  Mayurbhanj  Udala  Dimagadia  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Dabugaon  Nabarangpur  Dabugaon  Bhaluguda  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Jharigan  Nabarangpur  Jharigam  Jharigan  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Kosagumuda  Nabarangpur  Kosagumuda  Kosagumuda  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Hirli  Nabarangpur  Nabarangpur  Hirli  2001-02
 Odisha  EMRS Paparahandi  Nabarangpur  Paparahandi  Paparahandi  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Raighar  Nabarangpur  Raighar  Mahubhatta  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Tentulikhunti  Nabarangpur  Tentulikhunti  Tentulikhunti  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Umerkote  Nabarangpur  Umerkote  Singisari  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Nuapada  Nuapada  Nuapada  Sakhatora (Kendubahara)  2010-11
 Odisha  EMRS Kolnara  Rayagada  Bishamakatak  Kolnara  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Chandrapur  Rayagada  Chandrapur  Sarikima  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Gudari  Rayagada  Gudari  Gudari  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Bikrampur  Rayagada  Gunupur  Bikrampur  2015-16
 Odisha  EMRS Kalyanasingpur  Rayagada  Kalyanasingpur  Majhiguda  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Kashipur  Rayagada  Kashipur  Kashipur  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Padmapur  Rayagada  Padmapur  Khambariguda  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Ramanaguda  Rayagada  Ramanaguda  Dangubadi  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Siriguda  Rayagada  Rayagada  Siriguda  1997-98
 Odisha  EMRS Govindapur  Sambalpur  Bamra  Govindapur  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Jamankira  Sambalpur  Jamankira  Jamankira  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Jujomura  Sambalpur  Jujomura  Jujomura  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Kuchinda  Sambalpur  Kuchinda  Kochinda  2015-16
 Odisha  EMRS Baneigarh  Sundargarh  Baneigarh  SanBandhabhuin  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Baragaon  Sundargarh  Baragaon  Bhoipali  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Bisra  Sundargarh  Bisra  Bijadihi  2020-21
 Odisha  EMRS Brahmani Tarang (Lathikata)  Sundargarh  Brahmani Tarang (Lathikata)  Khairbani  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Gurundiya  Sundargarh  Gurundiya  Rajabasa  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Koira  Sundargarh  Koida  Sargigarh  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Kuanrmunda  Sundargarh  Kuanrmunda  Kuanrmunda  2015-16
 Odisha  EMRS Kutra  Sundargarh  Kutra  Dahijira  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Lahunipara  Sundargarh  Lahunipara  Saradhapur  2002-03
 Odisha  EMRS Lehripada  Sundargarh  Lehripada  Dumabehal  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Hatibari  Sundargarh  Nuagaon (Hatibari)  Hatibari  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Laing  Sundargarh  Rajgangpur  Laing  2002-03
 Odisha  EMRS Subdega  Sundargarh  Subdega  Subdega  2021-22
 Odisha  EMRS Bhawanipur  Sundargarh  Sundargarh  Bhawanipur  1997-98
 Odisha  EMRS Talasara  Sundargarh  Talasara  Talasara  2019-20
 Odisha  EMRS Tangarapali  Sundargarh  Tangarapali  Telipali  2021-22

List of All EMRS School in Odisha

EMRS schools in Odisha are renowned for their holistic approach to education, providing a perfect blend of academic excellence and character development. With highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, these institutions are dedicated to nurturing young minds and empowering them to become future leaders.

EMRS schools emphasize the preservation of Odisha unique traditions and ethos. By promoting extracurricular activities, cultural events, and sports, these schools encourage students to explore their talents and interests. Choosing an EMRS school in Odisha means offering your child a well-rounded education in a safe and inclusive environment.

Each school is equipped with modern infrastructure, fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning and personal growth. Explore our carefully compiled EMRS School List in Odisha below and take the first step towards providing your child with an exceptional educational journey that will pave the way for a successful and fulfilling future.

You can download the EMRS School List in Odisha pdf below.

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